August 12, 2019

Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Used Car Parts

Unless you go to a fair and affordable mechanic, repairing a car can be quite expensive. Of course this also highly depends on the repairs that need to be done and the make of the car. For example, you will find that German cars tend to be costlier in repairing than Japanese cars.

However, you can cut costs on repairs by using used car parts. They are widely available and inexpensive to buy. Even with this, there are a few things that must be factored in when buying used car parts.

Research on Where to Buy

One advantage of buying used car parts is that they are widely available. You do not have to worry about whether you will get them or not. You can get them in a breakers yard, on the internet and even in the local stores that deal with them. Do proper research on where …

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November 26, 2019

How to Sell a Used RV

When you have owned an RV for some time and you want to sell it, you might start wondering how you will get the best deal out of it. This is even more stressful when it has highly depreciated in value but you still want to get rid of it. Do not sell it in a rush in spite of how much you could be in need of money.

Work With a Dealer

A dealer can be of great help when you want to sell your RV. This is because they may know a potential buyer or someone might visit their showroom in search of one. Due to their expertise in negotiating about cars and their exposure, they can help you sell the RV fast and at an attractive price.

Maintain it properly

Since their value depreciates fast, it’s advisable that the RV is properly maintained. Every part should function …

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June 28, 2019

Top-Notch Must Have Smart Automobile Accessories

With the advent of revolutionizing technology in the automotive industry, it is now possible to have a safer, and more enjoyable ride by simply integrating some smart automobile accessories into your car.

You necessarily do not have to splash the cash on a new car as most of these accessories are backward compatible – giving you a 2019 feel in a 2003 sedan car. Smart accessories can enhance your car’s performance, issue strategic warnings and so much more.

Do you covet modern tech innovations in your car! No Problem. Here is a list of top-notch handpicked smart automobile accessories you must have in your car:

Portable Dashboard Camera (dashcam)

This is a portable piece that every car on the road must have installed. A dashcam is an important tool that captures on-the-road occurrence straight from your dashboard. Although it doesn’t protect a car owner physically, its footage could do a …

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June 21, 2019

Selling Your Car Online – How To Stay Clear Of Scammers

Putting your car up for sale via the internet is the cheapest alternative to the regular dealership but unfortunately, the internet has become the operating base of scammers, hence, the need to take a few precautions. According to a 2014 report from Southern California, a student was reportedly attacked by scammers and murdered while trying to sell off a vehicle he previously put up for sale.

Of course, the internet is a free zone and anonymity is one reason why selling your car online attracts shady buyers and scammers. Despite the situation surrounding the sales of cars via the internet, sellers and prospective car owners still flock in their multitudes to websites offering this service.

It is proven that sellers prefer to sell online because it helps them to quickly trade-off their used vehicles at a much higher price than what traditional dealerships would offer. And on the part of …

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June 14, 2019

Get your vehicle leather seats shiny again with Specialized Products

Leather seats are considered as quite a luxury by most people because they can be very comfortable, classy and of course pricey. In vehicles, they add a strong, impressive and lavish look.

But on the other hand, leather seats can pose quite a problem when it comes to maintenance. It is difficult to keep them shining just as they were when you initially purchased your vehicle. To keep them in shape, you will have to adopt a rigorous regular cleaning method that obliterates stains, dust, and dirt.

There are two major approaches to cleaning car leather seats. First is using specialized formulas while the other is the DIY approach. This article will discuss the use of specialized formulas.

Using Specialized Formulas

There are several specialized car leather cleaning products in the market. Hence making a choice out of many should not be much of a problem, however, making the right …

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June 7, 2019

Selecting the Appropriate Automatic Transmission Fluid for your Car

Automatic vehicles solely depend on Automatic Transmission Fluids to function as they should. As important as the ATF may sound, it also has to be good and appropriate for a particular vehicle else, there is an underlying risk of serious transmission damage. There are several types and grades of ATFs; with each one specifically formulated for certain transmissions.

At a time, the widely used products were Type A, and Type F transmission fluids variants but now, there are hundreds of products in the market with each manufacturer offering two or more variants.

Here are the things you must know before choosing an ATF for your automobile:

Essence of the ATF

ATFs serve both primary and secondary purposes. Some of its primary responsibilities to your vehicle’s transmission includes cooling, gasket conditioning, fluid pressure regulation, lubrication, etc.

Lubricating Effect – ensures that parts glide smoothly

Fluid Pressure Regulation – helps to switch …

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